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Stephen Pytak: The .40 Caliber Mousehunt

August 28, 2009

pytakVengeance. Blood. Guns. Beautiful but emotionally cut-off men and women and lesbian wielding laptop users and an angry mouse – do you need anymore? Corinn Michaels is responsible for setting up a website for a mercenary who sells hits online – business is good, but with the body count going up it invites the wrath of the Feds. The city is full of people who want to wreck violence upon one another, who want hunters to become the hunted. The novel plays like a worded graphic novel with dark turns and darker people with the darkest motives. Taken from the interview BookFreeq conducted with Pytak a few weeks ago, he says he wants to explore the shadowy side of humanity, the Hyde to our Jekyll, the primal sense of ourselves that cannot be harnessed by a civilised world. It also explores the web, how when something is put out there for a virtual community it reaches far and wide and takes on a life of its own.

The characters are feisty Amazonian females who are handy with a gun and a drop kick – do not look for simpering women here, this is not chick lit! I would say the dialogue is superficial but we are there for the gun toting action. I’m not entirely sure who the novel is marketed to but I think teenagers and graphic novel fans will love it, it is full of angst and frustrated energy and the hard and quick dialogue of a comic.


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