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Blink And You’ll Miss It!

September 2, 2009

whereamisleepingtonightBookFreeq wants to share Carol Gordon Ekster, the author of Where Am I Sleeping Tonight? A Story of Divorce with you, BookFreeqers. It explains divorce to children and reflects how they might feel in this difficult time. This is a bullet shot interview of how Carol came to write her children’s book.

Tell us how you came to write your novel, ‘Where Am I Sleeping Tonight?’

So I was teaching 25 plus years at the time, and I had this student in my class who pulled at my heart. I can still picture this boy sitting at his desk like it was yesterday, and it was eight years ago. He was bright, but went to special education classes because of what I’m sure was dyslexia. I wanted him to stay in my reading class to let him see how he could do it, and I wanted to whip him into shape because he was so irresponsible. He forgot homework all the time. He lived at two homes, with two involved and loving divorced parents who got a long well. The mom and new step dad and the father came to conferences and school events together. He spent two nights at one house, then two nights at the other…and so on. Not necessarily the same days each week. I’d be confused! I’d been writing only a year or two, when I went on my February vacation and the fictional spin-off of his life sprung forth on the plane. I had to write it. I’d seen the pain of divorce many times over the years as a fourth grade teacher. Many major revisions later, there was a call for submissions in an SCBWI Bulletin looking for divorce or family stories, and I got my chance. Where Am I Sleeping Tonight?- A Story of Divorce was published by Boulden Publishing, fall 2008. It’s been quite an adventure and very exciting with ups and downs a plenty. This was the 20th book I had written, but the only one yet to be published.

You can buy Carol’s book on Amazon.

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